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Membership Spotlight: Our Newest Board Member Caleb Hall

Wednesday, May 03, 2023 8:54 AM | Heidi Stevens (Administrator)

Caleb Hall, the Customs Brokerage Manager for Scarbrough International, is the newest member to the ITC board as of April, 2023.  He has been a general member of ITC for a few years, but is excited at the opportunity to take a more active role in developing KC area businesses, and himself as a professional. 

Caleb is not new to navigating changes, which happen frequently in the international trade world. He started at Scarborough International as an intern while looking for a teaching job. During the search, he found that he was more at home in logistics and within a corporate structure. After starting out in exports he quickly moved over to imports, where he relishes learning as much as he can to be a greater resource to Scarborough.  For the last four years he has loved being the Customs Brokerage Manager for Scarborough. 

There is still a teacher deep inside him, as he wants to continue to not only grow himself, but to teach and mentor those who work for him. His goal is also to continue learning, gaining a better understanding of all international logistics processes. He counts learning something new everyday and the opportunity to problem-solve as the most exciting part of his job.  And while he may have first pursued his Masters in Education, he "often say(s) that there are not a lot of folks who intend to work in this industry, but most of us couldn't imagine working anywhere else after we are in it!"

Fun Facts & Advice

  • Who inspires you?
My grandfather, who was the most honest, hard-working man I ever met, and he spent his entire retirement in Excelsior Springs doing everything he could to improve the community
  • Job experience?
My first job was as a dishwasher at The National Golf Course club house.  I  was also the general manager of the Sheridan's Frozen Custard on Barry Road for a few years and can actually tell you the difference between ice cream and custard, and why custard is the undisputed winner in the head-to-head match up.
  • Upcoming life experience you are excited about?
My five-year wedding anniversary is this year, and the wife and I are trying to decide where to go for vacation to celebrate!
  • What advice would you give for someone who wants to get into  International Trade/Business?

If you stop learning you stop growing. Always be open to the idea that what you learned when you started will change.

  • What do you love about KC?

I love the BBQ, the Chiefs, and the fact that I'm from a place where people are so kind to the point that we're almost made fun of for being "Midwest Nice"

  • Who are some of your professional mentors?
My former bosses, Jennifer Kahmann and Alyson Schroer, have both been hugely instrumental in my growth as a professional. I wouldn't be where I am without them!

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