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Member Spotlight: Paula Kimkleinschmidt- Making An Event Of It!

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 11:30 AM | Heidi Stevens (Administrator)

Paula Kimkleinschmidt, Global Procurement Ops Manager at Design Resources Inc., is making an event of joining the ITCGKC!  Not only is she one of our newest members, she has taken a very active role as part of our events committee. After attending events, like the Women in International Business, and networking with other members, she knew she wanted to take advantage of all the educational and community engagement opportunities.

Paula's road to international business started in the food industry, helping her parents out with their restaurant and in the Korean Market. This passion for food and baking specifically, brought her to Kansas City to be a pastry chef at a French bakery. It was her contacts created and her International Business Degree that lead her to DRI, where she has grown over the last 10 years in all areas! She has covered all the basics importing/exporting, supply chain/logistics, and was an Import Manager before taking on her current roll. 

Her advice to someone wanting to get into International Trade is to "stay up-to-date with the constantly changing industry and travel and explore as much as you can." This coupled with "being open minded and get(ting) out of your comfort zone by educating yourself with the diverse business culture and etiquette" and "learn to be flexible and adaptable", are great words of wisdom in all areas of life! 

Fun Facts & Interesting Info 

What languages do you speak?

  • Korean and Elementary Mandarin

What was your favorite international trip?

  • My favorite trip was the first time I visited my parents' homeland in Seoul and Busan, South Korea. Being able to experience the beauty of both the city and countryside was so rewarding. Other than the AMAZING food, the country is known for its Triple Threat: K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Beauty which always leaves me wanting more!

Something that is uniquely you? 

  • I'd like to consider myself an amateur food critic that loves trying new places and taking pictures of food. I also enjoy gardening with my husband in our backyard which we nicknamed P2K2 farms.

Three people (dead or alive) that you would invite to dinner?

  • My Father- I miss him everyday and would love to see his face and hear his voice again
  • Lisa Ling- I have so much respect for this journalist who uses her platform to give people the opportunity to use their voices and share their stories
  • Anthony Bourdain- As a foodie myself, bonding over good food while discussing our appreciation of the culinary world would be a dream come true

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