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Member Spotlight: Velia Calcara

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 1:02 PM | Deleted user

Velia Calcara

Velia is a new member of ITC and has always been curious about international trade. She was lucky to win a raffle for an ITC membership during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022.

 "I am from Mexico so, visiting my country is a normal thing to do. I love my country and all the beauty in it from natural to man-made. I love it there! We have a lot to offer and so many gorgeous places to enjoy. There's no place like home."

Velia works as a program manager for a non-profit organization, Community Capital Fund where she has been for about six months. She likes to say that she “borrowed” the field of languages while raising her children. She knew it was going to be hard to re-enter the business world after having a gap in employment (many women face that), so she became a freelance language service provider. It was a very rewarding experience.

She never thought about working in the non-profit field until now. Velia was very fortunate to be referred by the Women Employment Network, which is a fabulous organization in Kansas City. She was hired on the spot as a contractor, and later became a full-time employee. She recognizes that all her previous experiences became handy while performing her current duties.

What are a few goals that you have in your career?

  • I want to improve my leadership skills
  • Build a solid reputation as a management professional with an eye for quality and efficiency
  • Serve others with my skills and knowledge

Name three people (dead or alive) that you would invite to dinner:

  • Thomas Alva Edison – I admire his invention, and the fact that he never forgot where he came from.
  • Gaspar Yanga– I admire his courage.
  • Leonardo da Vinci – He was a genius in several fields.

What was the last book that you read?

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Who inspires you?

Individuals who have achieved despite odds against them, I include here both of my grandparents.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into International Business/International Trade?

I am in no position to give advice about it, I would like to learn more about it and explore other horizons.

What else do you want to tell us about yourself/what is something unique about you that is generally not known?

That I have a dream project for my retirement years involving learning and capturing knowledge about celebrations and traditions in my country.

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